Release management

Production environment

Do you maintain an application? Don't care about infrastracture!

Production environment for IT projects

end-to-end environment

Based on your requirements we will prepare fully qualified, stable and price acceptable production environment.

Do not waste your time for research, configuration and maintenance. Our environment can be adapted to your process, or we can create common and open-source-based solution from scratch.

What's delivered?

CI / CD pipelines

Software delivery automation is very important step which allows to unite development process with tests and deployments to production environment. Based on our experience in this area CloudPanda will propose and deliver the most efficient way to achieve that.

Infrastructure setup

As part of the infrastructure setup we deliver completely working and secured setup in cloud environment, described with Infrastructure as Code. This phase includes i.e. networking, VPNs, permission sets, clusters, compute resources.

Environment config

Solid infrastructure is significant, but it's more important to prepare appropriate background for application. We deliver environment based on kubernetes cluster, deployed and monitored with best practices in AWS.


We re going to provide you the most stable solution as we can, but sometimes something might go wrong - in such cases our standby cloud pandas will identify and resolve issues with infrastructure and processes.

Follow best cloud practices

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