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DevOps review of your existing application

We offer a professional DevOps review to identify areas for improvement and enhance your application’s overall performance.

Cloud migration of your on-premise software

Our experienced cloud service team will design a comprehensive migration strategy to meet your specific business needs.

Professional On-Demand DevOps Engineer support

Our on-demand DevOps support service gives you access to skilled professionals when you need them most.

Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance and Support

We handle all the tasks related to managing your cloud infrastructure, so you don’t have to.

Client Testimonials

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The team has taken over our existing infrastructure on Digital Ocean and taken it to the next level.
They communicated well, and their ability to take the client’s platform to the next level is impressive.

Marcus Biel

Choosing CloudPanda to take care of our cloud infrastructure was one of the best decisions we made. They have a smart team, super smart devOps, flexible, and willing to help us on all the stages. They are a great partner offering excellent communication and services. Our product wouldn’t be here without them!

Iulia Draghici successfully helped us with migration of our streaming platform to the cloud, which is cheaper to maintain. We appreciated how their team took the time to explain technologies that we didn’t know. They also shared tips about software updates, allowing the client to implement them independently.

Agnieszka Oleszczak

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How do you ensure the safety of my data?

We prioritize the security of your data by implementing industry-standard security measures such as encryption, firewalls, access controls, and regular backup.Contrary to common belief, moving to the cloud can actually increase security.

Do I have the necessary skills to successfully adopt and utilize cloud services?

Our services include comprehensive support, teaching the necessary skills, and providing ongoing Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance and Support to ensure a seamless transition and utilization of cloud services.

How scalable is your cloud infrastructure solution?

Our cloud computing solution is highly scalable. You can easily scale your resources up or down based on your business needs. Whether you experience sudden spikes in demand or plan for long-term growth, our solution can accommodate your changing requirements, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

What is the pricing structure for your cloud services?

We offer flexible pricing options, including pay-as-you-go models or tiered plans, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your business.

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We decided to share part of our revenue with giant panda reserves and organizations.

Pandas face numerous challenges, from habitat loss to low reproduction rates and poaching. Our commitment helps protect their bamboo forests, support breeding efforts, and combat illegal trade. Join us in making a positive impact on panda preservation.