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Cloud-based infrastructure migration – achieving efficiency and scalability.

Cloud-based infrastructure migration has become a critical step for companies seeking enhanced scalability and cost savings. In this article, we delve into the journey of, a popular streaming hosting platform, as they successfully migrated from dedicated hosts to Hetzner Cloud. Over time, as the company expanded its user base, it became evident that migrating to the cloud was imperative to unlock the benefits of scalability and cost optimization provided by cloud computing. To tackle this challenge, enlisted the expertise of DevOps team to manage the migration process and automate infrastructure management for seamless operations.

Cloud-based infrastructure migration provider: Hetzner Cloud

Selecting the right cloud provider was a critical step in the migration journey of After a meticulous evaluation of various options, the DevOps team identified Hetzner Cloud as the ideal fit for the platform’s unique requirements. Hetzner Cloud stood out for its affordability and user-friendly approach, making it an optimal choice for’s infrastructure needs.

Automating Deployment and Management with Infrastructure as Code (IAC) Tools

To ensure efficient and consistent management of’s infrastructure, the DevOps team leveraged the power of infrastructure as code (IAC) tools. Specifically, they employed Terraform—a leading IAC tool—to define and provision the necessary resources within Hetzner Cloud. By utilizing Terraform, the team seamlessly orchestrated the deployment of servers, load balancers, and databases required to support the application.

Configuring Infrastructure and Application with Ansible

In pursuit of streamlined configuration management, the DevOps team turned to Ansible. With Ansible’s powerful capabilities, they were able to automate the setup and maintenance of’s application and system configurations. The team achieved rapid scalability by automating the creation of new platform nodes within minutes, empowering with a flexible and dynamic environment.

Embracing the Reliability and Security of Docker Containers

To enhance the reliability and security of the platform’s services, the DevOps team made a strategic move—migrating all applications to Docker containers. By leveraging the containerization benefits, eliminated the need for custom-written scripts to manage applications. Containers provide a more robust and secure environment, enabling smoother operations and ensuring the stability of the platform.

Optimal Resource Utilization and Scalability with Kubernetes

Following the successful migration to Hetzner Cloud, the DevOps team focused on optimizing resource utilization to maximize cost efficiency. By leveraging the power of Kubernetes, they fine-tuned the allocation of resources, ensuring that paid only for what was required at any given time. Kubernetes allowed the infrastructure to scale seamlessly, effortlessly meeting the platform’s evolving demands with agility and reliability.

Unleashing Cost Savings and Boosting Performance

The migration of from dedicated hosts to Hetzner Cloud, accompanied by the automation of infrastructure management through IAC tools, has yielded remarkable benefits. The platform has experienced substantial cost savings while enhancing the reliability and scalability of its services. With the continuous collaboration between the DevOps team and, further opportunities for optimization and enhancement are being actively pursued, guaranteeing an even more robust and seamless user experience.

Cloud-based infrastructure migration have allowed to unlock new levels of efficiency, affordability and scalability. The platform has positioned itself at the forefront of the streaming hosting industry.

Technologies used

Tools: Hetzner Cloud

Hetzner Cloud

Because of cost optimization, client decided to use Hetzner Cloud instead of other platforms. We are not afraid of challenges and helped with the correct environment setup.

Tools: Ansible


Configuration of the application and system has been described with Ansible. New platform nodes can be created fully automatically within a few minutes – this improves scalability.

Tools: Docker


We moved all services to docker. Since that client does not need to control applications with their own written scripts. Containers are more reliable and secure.

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