Service: Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Is your project already online? Move it to secure clouds!

You are just four steps behind the sky!

Step: Application review

Application review

As a first step we have to review your application to understand architecture. This will allow us to propose the best infrastructure model, which will be adjusted to your business model.

Step: Cloud migration plan

Plan & estimation

Every hard operation (like National Bank of Spain robbery) need to have a plan. We will prepare for you step-by-step diagram along with all cost estimation.

Step: Migration


This is the most difficult part of the migration process. We need to move your application to new infrastructure in a secure and fast way to minimize impact of your users and customers.

Step: Postmigration tests

Final tests

Even the best plan can fail in some cases. That's why, as a last step, we will deeply test your application and infrastructure. We have to make sure our customer will be glad and happy.

Considering migration to cloud?

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Service: Projects maintenance

Infrastructure as Code

As a result of our work you will get from us ready to use environment, fully described with the code - what is the best practice regarding to cloud delivery.

We are aware of infrastructure as code, and are familiar with Terraform, Terragrunt, Ansible and Cloud Formation.

Benefits of cloud migration

Data security

Cost savings

Speed improvements

Better scalability

Higher availability

Easier management