When it comes to the development of code with a team of two or more, version controlling and management, it becomes quite difficult to track the changes and cope with updates. That's why we use git at CloudPanda.io.

Product features and software functionality need to be updated frequently as market conditions changes and the feedback received by end-users. Teams work upon existing features as well as offer extra functionalities to the product to have an edge in the competitive market.

AWS Serverless Computing is a popular serverless option. Serverless is a cloud-native design that allows you to delegate more operational tasks to AWS, increasing agility and creativity. Serverless refers to the services, processes, and procedures that enable you to build more agile programs that quickly adapt and respond to change. It encourages people to think less about servers by eliminating various cluster and server-related chores.

It has been observed that about 83% of the company’s work is now shifted on cloud infrastructure, and according to research, about 97% of the organizations are using the public cloud today. With an increasing number of an organization adopting a newer approach for storing their data over multiple cloud services single level security becomes the main concern.

According to research about 97% of the organizations are using the Public Cloud today and about 83% of the company’s work is now shifted on the cloud Infrastructure, with increasing number of organization adopting newer approach to store and deploy their applications threats and malware are are also increasing their forms, slight misconfiguration in the deployment or setup of the environment can lead to huge data loss.