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Logo of a company for which made AWS serverless deployment

Case study: Shmuzy

AWS serverless deployment for AWS serverless deployment. By leveraging AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon S3, Shmuzy was able to build a cost-effective and highly scalable platform to meet their growing user demands. This case study provides an overview of the architecture design, implementation process, and benefits…
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Logo of a company for which CloudPanda’s DevOps team employed Terraform to deploy the cloud resources efficiently.

Case study:

In today’s digital landscape, businesses are recognizing the benefits of migrating their applications to the cloud. CPVLab.Pro, a popular software application, have transitioned from an on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. This case study explores their successful migration, highlighting the role of Terraform as their chosen infrastructure as code (IAC) tool. Through this migration, CPVLab.Pro aimed…
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Zero trust security model with Kubernetes

It has been observed that about 83% of the company’s work is now shifted on cloud infrastructure, and according to research, about 97% of the organizations are using the public cloud today. With an increasing number of an organization adopting a newer approach for storing their data over multiple cloud services single level security becomes the main…
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How to do authorization using RBAC

Kubernetes is the most used and reliable orchestration tool and even a household name for developers as it simplifies many aspects of running a service oriented application infrastructure. API server is considered core of kubernetes control plane as it validates all the resources. All the requests sent by clients first goes to the API server…
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