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Logo of company which asked to automate infrastructure management in Hetzner Cloud for streaming platform.

Case study:

Cloud-based infrastructure migration – achieving efficiency and scalability. Cloud-based infrastructure migration has become a critical step for companies seeking enhanced scalability and cost savings. In this article, we delve into the journey of, a popular streaming hosting platform, as they successfully migrated from dedicated hosts to Hetzner Cloud. Over time, as the company expanded…
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DevOps Review

Advantages of maintaining code in the git repository

About Git Git is an open source distributed version control system which is designed for simplicity, speed, fully distributed, integrity, and excelled support for parallel development. In the present scenario, most IT companies use Git for controlling their system; it was originally developed as an open-source project in 2005 by the founder of the Linux…
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How to do authorization using RBAC

Kubernetes is the most used and reliable orchestration tool and even a household name for developers as it simplifies many aspects of running a service oriented application infrastructure. API server is considered core of kubernetes control plane as it validates all the resources. All the requests sent by clients first goes to the API server…
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Introduction to Terraform

How does Terraform work? Terraform is open source and free tool that creates and manages resources on cloud platforms and other services through their application programming interfaces (APIs). Providers enable Terraform to work with virtually any platform or service with an accessible API – it’s very useful piece of software regarding to Infrastructure as Code paradigm.…
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Common pitfalls of cloud migration

Adopting cloud solutions is imperative today, with rapid digital transformation initiatives happening globally. Competitive gains and sustainability in the digital age are primary drivers for cloud adoption. According to the information provided by Statista, the worldwide public cloud services market is going to expand by around 22% to approximately 482 billion US dollars in 2022. While…
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How to setup autoscaling RDS database on AWS

Prerequisites When using most popular CMS it’s recommended to install them using most common database engine – MySQL. You can setup your own instance, but to be strict with Amazon’s recommendations we will use AWS RDS for MySQL service. Easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. It provides cost-efficient and…
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